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The English Department recently updated the curriculum for the school's core ELA courses and is in the process of updating English electives. The changes centered on emphasizing BHS's 21st century learning expectations, core values, and school-wide essential questions. We are piloting these changes this year and will engage in a curriculum review process at the conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year.


Intro to Literature I

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What makes up my identity and how does my identity impact my role as a community member?

Grade 9 College Prep

Grade 9 Honors

Grade 9 Foundations (in progress)


Intro to Literature II

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why is it crucial to question our assumptions and seek multiple perspectives?

Grade 10 College Prep

Grade 10 Honors

Grade 10 Foundations

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American Literature

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can I identify and analyze patterns in my community? Where do they originate and what is their impact?

Grade 11 AP Language and Composition (in progress)

Grade 11 College Prep

Grade 11 Honors

Grade 11 Foundations

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Senior English

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can I use my skills, knowledge, and resources to better myself and my community.

Grade 12 AP Literature and Composition

Grade 12 College Prep

Grade 12 Honors

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Essential Question: How does my culture help to shape my identity?

English Language Arts for English Language Learners

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English Electives