BHS Summer Reading 2019-2020

This year, Burlington High School is updating its summer reading program to engage more students in reading while building community among students, faculty, and staff. In the past, each BHS student chose and read one of five books designated for their grade, and then completed an assessment on the book in September during English class. As with any reading assignment that limits choice, students were not always excited about the texts and without having class time to help them through the process they were often unmotivated to read. We know that BHS students are intellectually curious people who are eager to learn and we hope that our new approach to summer reading will foster their curiosity and independence.

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We are moving beyond the walls of the English hall and engaging the entire school in the summer reading process this year. The 2019-2020 BHS Summer Reading Program is based on the One Question, One School model. Through reading, we will be exploring different approaches to the school-wide essential question: How do we strive toward real and lasting happiness. A faculty committee worked to compile a list of 60 different titles, informed by student and staff suggestions, and students will select a summer read from that list. We hope that students will discover the connection between reading for pleasure and striving toward happiness if they have greater opportunity to choose books of interest to them.

In September, students will return to BHS and participate in book talks with students and staff who have read the same book as them. It will help us start the year with conversations about our reading and about how we can support each other as we all strive toward happiness.

Please see the BHS SUMMER READING website for more information and to access the book lists. We encourage BHS parents and guardians to review and discuss the lists with their students so they can find selections that work for them.

Happy reading, BHS!

Shannon Janovitz