BHS English
BHS English
Burlington High School English Department

Our Mission:


The Burlington High School English Department is committed to helping students understand their world, preparing them to engage in it responsibly, and fostering student efforts to make positive contributions. We are an educational community that celebrates and values each of its members, encourages a love of learning, and shares collective responsibility for the support of all students to achieve at high levels.


Our Core Classes

Grade 9

Introduction to Literature I: Coming of Age centers on the concept of identity. Students will explore different texts that feature characters who are struggling to understand who they are and to find their place in the world. Through critical reading and discussion of these stories, students will consider what factors make up their identity and how their identity impacts their role as a community member.

Grade 10

Introduction to Literature II: Advocacy Through Storytelling concentrates on variety of voice and varied perspectives. Through this frame, students read novels, short fiction, poetry, and plays from a diverse group of authors, and are encouraged to question the stories as they appear - to distinguish the difference between the surface story and the underlying truth that sometimes contradicts it. This approach to literature helps students recognize their responsibilities as members of a global society.  

grade 11

American Literature prompts students to consider what it means to be an American in the 21st century. That concept drives the work of this course and guides students through an examination of literature produced in an ever-changing, ever-expanding country. Through close reading of a variety of American texts, students will explore how we as Americans identify ourselves through a complicated landscape that includes environment, gender, class, race, and community.  

grade 12

Senior English is designed to help students explore the big questions and ideas they feel are most relevant in today’s world. Through close readings of varied literature students will investigate independent topics, engage in multi-genre research, participate in the academic writing process, and create a digital portfolio of critical and creative artifacts that demonstrate their thinking and claims about topics of interest to them. Throughout the year, students will work to develop as writers, thinkers, and speakers, while also gaining an understanding of how to serve as responsible members of society.